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Graduated in 2008 in Law at the University of Catania with a thesis in Private Law on "The purpose mortgage", in 2011 he obtained the qualification to practice as a lawyer. Subsequently, in 2012 he obtained a II level University Master in Management and innovation of the PA at the Tor Vergata University of Rome, with a thesis on “The contracts of the PA. The financial leasing contract ".

In 2016 he participated as Fellow Student Admitted in the intensive course in International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Law organized by the prestigious London School of Economics.

In 2018 he obtained a 1st level Master in Tax Law.

He deals with civil law in general, with particular reference to contracts, professional liability, banking law and company law, and labor and tax law. As regards administrative law, on the other hand, it mainly deals with public procedures, public procurement and the study of issues concerning the evaluation of performance and procedures related to the management of PAs pursuant to Legislative Decree 150/2009 and following

He is a careful observer of the world of economics and finance, deepening its related legal profiles. This allowed him to approach issues such as consumer credit, all kinds of financing and contracts in a more conscious way.

For some years he has also been following with keen interest the law of the web, of privacy and that of intellectual property (trademarks and patents), participating in numerous meetings and in-depth courses on the subject. He is included in the Official Register of Innovation Managers held by the Ministry for Economic Development and consultant in trademarks and patents accredited by UIBM, the Eupeo Patent Office and WIPO. He carries out DPO functions in public and private entities.

In 2012 he was appointed Legal Advisor to the Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies.

He has collaborated with the chairs of Institutions of Private Law, New Contract Law and Bio-law of the Faculty of Law of Catania, participating in related research activities, as well as with the E-Campus University, as an expert on the subject.

Contract lecturer at the University of Salerno for the following subjects: Public management; Public employment; Audits by the Court of Auditors.

Since 2018 he is and in the National Register of Judicial Administrators at the Ministry of Justice.

Since 2018 it has been registered in the national list of independent performance assessment bodies, managed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and performs OIV functions in public bodies.

He is the legal referent in the field of medical-professional liability on behalf of various public and private bodies.

It mainly carries out consultancy, technical assistance, extrajudicial and judicial assistance for various public and private entities,

He is the author of some articles of a legal nature, carries out teaching activities at various professional training bodies and collaborates as an external expert with numerous public and private bodies, including prestigious industrial companies and public administrations.

"Professional Finalist of the Year - Administrative Law Consultancy for Public Entities" Top Legal Awards 2019

"Professional Finalist of the Year - Arbitration" Top Legal Awards 2019

"Intellectual Property Professional Finalist of the Year" - Top Legal Awards 2020

"The Best Lawyers and the Best Corporate Law Firms 2021" Intellectual Property and Information technology category - Milano Finanza