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In 2014, only 23 years old, graduated master degree in Law at the Università degli studi di Catania, with a thesis in Civil Procedural Law, “The ordinance subsequent to the closing of the statement.”
He took part, in May 2012, the Project “Visit to the European Parliament and of the Court of Justice of the European Union”, organized by the department of Law of the E. U. Prof. ssa Nicoletta Parisi, member of ANAC.
Law practice at studio legale lawyer, Salvatore Liotta, if you are passionate about and delves into the studies of Criminal Law.

During the practice period is chosen by the bar association of Catania, between the most young practitioners, to participate in the National Congress of lawyers of Rimini 6-8 October 2016.

In 2017, he obtained the Diploma at the SSPL of the University “Guglielmo Marconi” in Rome, with a thesis in Criminal Law entitled “the Contest of the causes and interruption of the causal link ”. Later, in the same year, he qualified for the exercise of the profession of lawyer.
Currently, he is involved in Intellectual Property Law, with an examination of the issues relating to the importance and the protection of the trade mark.

Passionate about politics, has been the promoter and speaker at numerous conferences related to the Constitutional Referendum of December 4, 2016, or on relevant topics such as Cyber Bullying, organ Donation, particularly with regard to the legal profiles.
Also very active in the social field, has played the role of President of the Leo Club Adrano Bronte, Biancavilla, and today, he holds the position of executive officer of the District Area 108Yb.